SEEING4 sequins machine

【SEEING 4 sepuins machine main function and characteristics:】:

·4 different size sequins spangle can be made in one design,same time can make double layer sequins embroidery, make the embroidery effect more colorful with more creativity.
one needle can attached 2sequins device(also called twin sequins device),this 2 sequins device(twin sequins device) can be used for changing spangle color,also can be used to make double layer sequins.

· Sequins device lifting valve on each head to adjust the position individually;

· .Each head with separate sequins feeding motor to control accurate spangle feeding,with option of manually feeding and unified feeding;

· 4sequins device can be attached on each head, can make separate different size sequins or make double layer sandwich sequins;

· Showing each head sequins lndividual working status;

· Applying feeder assembly part to fix and localize the sequins stable feeking;ensure proper spangle cutting, less the sequins missing ratio.

4 sequins machine

minimum head space

Twin Seq. minimum

head space

Double twinSeq.

minimumhead space